Introducing Beer Asia

Celebrating Craft Beer Culture Around Asia

Beer Asia’s mission is to celebrate the culture of craft beer in Asia.

We exist to hero Asia’s best beers, bars and breweries who share our passion for better beer.

Our ambition is to be the platform for Asia-based craft beer enthusiasts.

This means celebrating Asian craft breweries, particularly those making styles adapted to the region’s tastes and climate.

Underlining everything is our dream to build awareness of craft beer culture in the region in any shape and form.

Some of our most recent pieces have included:

  • Phuc Tran, the founder of Hoprizon, one of Vietnam’s newest craft brewers, and Brewlliant, a craft beer bar in Ho Chi Minh City;
  • Charles Guerrier, the founder of Asia’s best-known craft beer conference SEABrew, Evolve Beverages, and the organiser of the Singapore Craft Beer week;
  • Tim Scott, the co-founder of two Ho Chi Minh City food and beverage institutions: the excellent BBQ-oriented Quan Ut Ut & craft beer bar chain Bia Craft.
  • Avi Yashaya, co-founder of thriving craft brewers Mahanakhon and Sivilai based out of Bangkok, Thailand.

Join us as a social revolution around craft beer in Vietnam, Singapore and beyond takes off!

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The Background: A Booming Regional Craft Beer Scene

Beer Asia was born to celebrate everything beer around Asia-Pacific. In countries as diverse as Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and China, the variety and quality of beer have tremendously improved in the past few years.

Beer culture has evolved from boring, bland lagers made by a few big beer brands to an explosion of microbrewers experimenting with new, Asian-inspired beers and greater variety of beer styles.

Beer lovers of all backgrounds now can devour pint-after-pint of both excellent craft. Unfortunately, with the high cost of imports, this comes admittedly at an often prohibitive cost.

Some craft brewers – notably Young Master (Hong Kong), Pasteur Street Brewing Company (Viet Nam), Heart of Darkness (Vietnam), Little Creatures (Australia/Singapore) and Jing-A/京A (China) – have been able to expand beyond their own markets to win over craft beer enthusiasts in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Established ‘big beer’ firms, rather than dismissing craft beer, have started to experiment with new styles. Even the most conservative macro brewers in countries like Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are now out to improve the quality of their core beers.

Notable examples of big brewers changing with the times are Carlsberg, who used Malaysia to pioneer the launch of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, and Heineken-owned Tiger, who now offer a Belgian Witbier.

Craft Beer Guides

We have begun publishing Beer Asia Craft Beer Guides. These guides are designed to give you a beer-powered ride around craft beer in cities as diverse as Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Manila, and Ho Chi Minh City!

Kuala Lumpur Craft Beer Guide

Singapore Craft Beer Guide

Saigon Craft Beer Guide

Chiang Mai Craft Beer Guide

Hanoi Craft Beer Guide

Craft Beer Journalism

We have recently kicked off a series of Stories, working with writers around Asia-Pacific to cover culture and news of note in the world of craft beer.

Our first piece on cider in Vietnam was recently published, and future stories are upcoming.

To stay up to date with our activities, follow us on social media for the latest updates around craft beer in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and beyond.

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Hi! Im a big fan of your site, I am a food blogger myself and was interested in seeing if you guys would like to work on a collaboration? A third of my Instagram posts are dedicated to bars and I do consistent bar reviews. I would be willing to write a guest article for you on our favorite local craft beers in Saigon. As a marketer I have to of course drop my 2 cents on how this would benefit both of us, which would essentially be a trade in back-links as I would write a separate piece in my own blog with a link to your site. Let me know if this interests you, my contact info is below.
thanks for your time,


Hello! My name is Clare Taylor. I work with the Master Brewers Association and American Society of Brewing Chemists. We are looking forward to hosting the World Brewing Congress 2024 on August 17-20, 2024.

The Brewers Association of Japan participates in this event and we would love to grow our reach in Asia. Are there any trade or advertising opportunities with Beer Asia? I would love to learn more.

Thank you!

Clare Taylor

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